Thursday, 1 September 2016

AFRICA, The Inferior By Choice

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Starting this month with a challenge to make things right might be the perfect thing to do so this post is meant to do just that, challenge you to know your worth.
Africa, occupied by the black race whom were initially created to be rulers became slaves and were sold into slavery by our retarded ancestors who were deceived by the white man exchanging future leaders and our dear culture for useless gift items. This white men are by far inferior in every physical ramifications, strength, physic and beauty. Lets look at the black continent and its history.
Biblically, the garden of Eden was located in Cush which is present day Ethiopia, meaning Gods creation of man actually took place in Africa but the black man never knew even though it was there all these while for us to see. (Genesis 2:13)
Once you and i hear the word prophet, we picture a dark brother with dreads in our subconscious because only a black man with nappy hair could actually fall into that category and given that comb was a late man made invention for the straight white mans hair to avoid twisting we can say and would be correct that all prophets from back in the day were blacks or light skinned and not whites tracing their origins back to Africa so i begin to ponder why religion was attributed to a doing of the white man?
Egypt, one of the most ancient countries in human history regarding revolution and development is an African nation, the first to be a colonial master. Egypt actually thought other countries what colonialism was when it held Israel for 400 years before giving them their independence.
 Every African country is blessed with either natural resource or wildlife resource, things the white man craved for, so he came to Africa, stole them and created artificial in his own domain (Zoo's and reserves) while we gave them ours and copied out of ignorance.
What about our beautiful cultures and traditions which our ancestors and fore fathers enjoyed, the white man convinced us that they were demonic and introduced us to his own civilized demonic practice which are way more deadly that our original practice but we embraced them with open arms letting him steal our carvings and sculptures in the name of cleansing. Now we need to travel to the white mans land to see and study our own culture. The white man in his fear of competition from the black man made us slaves using our manpower, skills and resources to develop his own domain leaving us in ruin and always complaining about African dictators trying to jeopardize their raid on the continent.
Every sport ever created by the white man has been dominated by the black man making them irrelevant in sport to an extent that the white man had to create new competitions which endangered black lives in the recent Olympics but i say 'give us time, we are coming for you all', we became the president of the United States of America, Russia and Germany beware we are coming for your throne. i read that Germany named a black brother with Ghanaian roots their player of the year, i say that's a start to something new.
Until we discover that we the black people of Africa are NEGUS (Ruler) and not NIGGAZ (Minority), we wont know our true value. We are royalty and not slaves as we grow up to believe just because nature and economy arranged it in the white mans favor. we started creation, we started colonialism, so why are we accepting the slave role given to us by these savage whites. In my humble opinion and i stand to be corrected, Africans are the inferior race by choice. I would leave you all with this, "add up all the colors in the world in a container, it would give you black because black is strong, black is beautiful, and black is made by God". Black is me and i am made of black.
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  1. Nice write up. We must be proud to be africans and fight for what is rightly ours.#blackisbeautiful#blackisrich#

  2. Nice write up. We must be proud to be africans and fight for what is rightly ours.#blackisbeautiful#blackisrich#

  3. It's being a long time since a read an article but I couldnt help but read this. Nice piece

  4. We must do away with all forms of colonialist and neo colonialist trends to embrace the true nature and culture of Africa I love these continent