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Good day visitors and readers and welcome to the month of November, the 11th month and a wonderful one at that being the month Donald Trump becomes the president
elect of the united state of America. We at Blazebeat wish him the best as he leads America on for the next 4 years.
Dynamism, what about it?
Dynamism according to the oxford dictionary is defined as the energy to make new things happen so basically I want to write on the power of the energy to make new things happen.
A single dynamic person in a firm could be the only spice needed to elevate the firm or company to its rightful position in the hierarchy of successful businesses. Dynamism cannot be over emphasized as it is a vital quality possessed by successful individuals who think outside the box and live their lives daily thinking of new ways of making headway in their endeavors and choice of life earning duties.
Being different and thinking different is a complex and difficult thing to do ordinarily because you stand out and might look stupid at a point with everybody looking at your style of action as bizarre and crazy but success always vindicates the individual and justifies the means and methods without further questions.
In every field in the world, concrete and valid examples of dynamic individuals exist; they came into the scene with a very different style which became phenomenal within a short space of time.
In the Nigerian music industry, a young man by name Folarin Falana aka FALZ d Badtguy who is a graduate of law came into the industry with a very different pattern which has never been in play since the inception of the industry and he made a mark that everyone currently loves. He has since inspired a lot of other people to embrace their own pattern without trying to become someone else they might consider an idol. Falz raps in pidgin with an accent that was supposed to be laughed at but instead he made it interesting and created an identity for himself through mimicking people from the western part of Nigeria and how they talk. The world recognized him when he was awarded by BET and also by Africa. His motion pictures are also exceptional as they are movie like and catchy rather than the usual visuals the industry was used to.
Funke Akindele better know as Jenifer  is also another example from the movie industry in Nigeria who make pidgin English funky and beautiful to listen to. She became a star after the award winning movie Jenifer where she played a village girl who wanted to blend into the city at all cost and didn’t let her ascent come in the way of her aspiration and she made it. The success of the movie in terms of sales resulted in a sequel which was a series called Jenifer’s diary. Her identity stuck to an extent that she acts a movie where she speaks good English and makes no sense to her viewers who already loved her thug looking and razz personality.
Dynamism is and would continue to be the mother of invention in whatever field, be it science, sport, entertainment. Being dynamic could be said to mean being special, different and gifted. A dynamic individual always has more views to a particular event or thing than a regular person.
Dynamism gives you a wider scope of any idea and makes you believe it it possible to achieve whatever you can think and imagine. With dynamism as one of your virtue, you would realize that you are the only obstacle between you and success.
I would leave you with these few points;
1.     Dream big
2.     Believe you can achieve
3.     Be creative
4.     Be yourself, Be original, Be real.
5.     Work hard
6.     Be consistent
I am blazebeat and I want to charge my visitors and readers this month to embrace dynamism in whatever field of endeavor we choose and see the impact dynamism could provide. Good day

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