Friday, 2 September 2016

Nigerian Girls and Cars

The love for sitting in a car by the female gender in Nigeria is increasing in an alarming speed by my own calculation, a lot of them have actually lost valuables (personals) in the cause of jumping from one car owner to another. Not to generalize but a greater percentage of the ladies (single mostly) could have an early orgasm at just hearing that a nigga has a car or practically seeing a guy roll up in one.
I got friends who drive to clubs and party at the tail end of the whole event because they know some chick somewhere there would appear to need or be attracted to the car and could now offer a fake ass lift and end up dating the girl while others just get what they really wanted the same night.
Even in schools, a strange man in a strange but flashy car could just drive in, offer lift to ladies. Some actually turn it down while a whole lot with a greedy drive for what they believe they deserve but don't currently have will hop in immediately without minding who is in it.
In my neighborhood in Jos, Nigeria a man would not in his right senses jump into a strange car whether during the day or night because of how lonely it gets but ladies hop into whatever, whenever and still feel comfortable and confident to touch the stereo. I began to believe that what a man cannot do a woman can do it 10 times better, and this is one of the major causes of rapes, kidnapping and ritual killings which the female gender is the primary target.
I have a very close friend who told me he started having girls (loads of them) in his secondary school days when his dad gave him a starlet car to ease his shuttle from the house to school and back to the house, the girls actually fought over who was getting in and who wasn't including those whose way home don't align with his.
Am not saying ladies should now walk or use tricycle or what not but the anxious and ever ready attitude to jump into anything that has wheels and pulls over should be cut down a bit and we might actually have a little reduction in crime against the females as a society.
I am Blazebeat and i just shared my own opinion, expecting comments and opinions. Thanks


  1. LOL... It remind of my friend who call them "ALASHUA". I don't blame them. Girls crave for comfort and don't mind any direction it comes. Its just part of their nature to hop in as you put it. They have a deer life, they are always hunted at every sight of them. heheheh

  2. Bro no change their mind na, cos if I buy my own car now na you I go carry put inside ?