Saturday, 1 October 2016


Happy Independence Nigeria

Arise o compatriot,                                                                  o lord of creation
Nigeria’s  call obey                                                                  direct our noble call
To serve our father land                                                           guide our leaders right
With love and strength and faith                                              help our youth the truth to know
The labor of our heroes past                                                    in love and honesty to grow
Shall never be in vain                                                              and living just and true
To serve with heart and might                                                 great lofty height attain
One nation found in freedom                                                  to build a nation where
Peace and unity                                                                       peace and justice reign

I have always sang these verses of our national anthem and said the pledges right from my hearth with pride and dignity as I was thought from my kindergarten classes until I grew and realized that
only the youth in this great country wished and craved for its progress and forward movement and worried when its economy and other aspects cannot stand side by side with that of other countries.
Since all our independence and freedom fighters joined their ancestors, all other politicians and leaders erupting all became money mongers and blood sucking vampires with sugarcoated tongues laying down fake promises and we the masses always fall for their lies like sacks of potatoes.
BOC Madaki, an artist from the northern part of the country in his track #SirAbubakar from his #SorryPleaseThanks EP said “these actions ain’t the legacy our heroes laid as our leader’s prophecy nowadays is guilt, good days gone, true democracy is killed”.
The labors of our past heroes are now shown to have been in vain since the legacy has not being passed down to the youth as an honest action of securing the future of the country and encouraging the youths but we find ourselves recycling a particular set of old men called leaders jumping from party to party hungry for power and at 56, my dear country is still in the hands of soldiers from the civil war claiming to lead us to a future they aint even sure of a cameo appearance.
The saying “youths are the leaders of tomorrow” does not apply to Nigeria as the political scene does not permit a young man with common sense to contend with blood thirsty aged men on high political aspirations, at best you contend with your mates for lower positions and hope a political godfather pick interest in your career, how can we progress with these trends becoming traditions and yardsticks for political aspirants.
This conditions are what all young Nigerian both male and female grew into without an opinion or choice, politics in Nigeria is now hereditary (a family business being transferred from father to wife or inherited by children from parent) and no chance for the adopted son or the bastard son to eat from the cake.
Nigeria can now proudly present a youth filled with independent educated hustlers whose result are as useless as the K in KNIFE and they care less how the generality of the country’s welfare fends.
United Kingdom is about to have a female prime minister, United state of America might soon have a female president while my dear country Nigeria can boast of numerous makeup artist and bloggers. House of Tara, Linda Ikeji, BellaNaija are now better inspirations of the female youth of Nigeria rather than any female in power.
The male youth are not any better as inspirations are drawn from fraudsters who flaunt money as is the dream of every young man. Those who want to get inspired from better profession embrace footballers and music stars rather than politicians and ministers because they have nothing enticing to offer the youth.
Here are some annoying facts about Nigeria I find alarmingly annoying; Nigeria at 56 and our president has no economic idea and would not swallow his pride let intellects help him, our finance minister cannot handle simple addition (6 million + 16 million = 24 million), Cynthia Morgan who is a top female artist and a role model to some youths and children cannot and does not even know simple BODMAS rule and all these happened on national television, God help us.
Am not saying I have or know the solution to our problems because personally I wish all our current leaders death on a daily basis before they ruin our future more than necessary which might not be a bad idea to an extent but we youth need to prove them wrong by engaging them into fulfilling their political campaign promises that might kick start a new revolution in the history of the country which is a welcome development at the moment.
Our current position (economically, sports, socially, etc) at 56 calls for no celebration rather lets weep for our beloved country and work on returning back to the initial agenda and plans our heroes past had when they fought for our independence which seem to be a tale told children at moonlight, it is the only logical and right thing to do to return us to past lost glory and move forward from there.
I am blazebeat and I wish y’all my readers a very peaceful and fruitful independence holiday hoping we all reflect on the impending recession and sit up as youths, children and aged whether in office or just a citizen to play our part in moving Nigeria to the promise land with or without a Moses. 
                                                                                          HAPPY INDEPENDENCE NIGERIA.


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