Friday, 9 September 2016

Minding My Business

Sources: Naijagraphics,com

As nature and God permits it, right from creation, human has been and would continue to be an interactive animal. Always in search for company wherever it could be found so long as the said individual is hale and hearty physically,
emotionally and spiritually.
A huge number of people, knowingly or unknowingly take undue advantage of the need for interaction in human to nose dive into peoples’ private and public matters in the same light and manner leading to many bitter and brutal separation and end of relationships.
Don’t get me wrong, involving ones’ self with the affairs of another in order to help is a good selfless service and could end up good or bad in different cases but getting involved in a private matter of someone with evil intentions has 100% chances of ending really bad.
Even a fish would have avoided trouble had it shut its mouth and mind its own business. People as different as we look all have different views to offenses against us and we personally determine the level grievance we attach to such offenses. For example, I might not mind someone talking shit behind my back but someone else might take it to the next level of beef for just that because maybe he/she hates back biting and takes personals very personal, so minding ones business seems the proper thing to do in most cases.
In my own humble opinion, I think people should have grown way past involving themselves fruitlessly in other peoples’ business and moved to improving themselves and trying to achieve personal set goals. Instead of sitting and Linda Ikeji’ing on peoples issues that don’t concern us in any way without gain why don’t we engage ourselves with activities that build us up and would have positive impact on us and immediate society.
Minding my business could not be overemphasized because it is important and could be the standard to weighing my integrity when a friend wants to confide in me because no one wants their secret and dirty linens in a basket (someone with a loose mouth).
I am Blazebeat and I just aired my own viewing on this matter. You could also do the same in the comment box. Thanks.

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