Thursday, 25 April 2019


The government child in Nigeria is supposed to be catered for by the government when we talking about amenities, utilities and stuffs (schools, hospitals, basic comfortabilities) but the government child in Nigeria is left at the mercy
of the parents whether available at demand or not who might not be available enough or financially buoyant to cater for such needs as demanded by the child.
The facilities provided eventually by the government are either not efficient enough due to the inadequate qualified staffs or cannot possibly serve the teaming population depending on that facility from various nearby communities. From the schools, the hospitals to other government intervention programs, they are either inadequate or don’t materialize due to funds being syphoned by trustees and community heads.
Travelling on road from Plateau state to Abuja, i could not help but notice the amount of students from government owned schools walking kilometers back home from school then it hit me, why don’t government schools in Nigeria have buses to convey these school wards from home to school and back home like every other regular country, it’s the simplest thing to make the wards life abit easy and safe. Most private schools in Nigeria own school buses and the students don’t necessarily need these buses because they either live close by or their parents drop them off and pick them with their private owned cars, so am wandering. Here are students who desperately need mobility but can’t get it either because the government doesn’t see the need or the funds have been miss-appropriated and on the other had is privileged kids from rich homes not riding the bus because they can.
The school conditions are not a thing to brag about as schools (government owned) don’t have facilities as minute as desks from pupils, books are not provided definitely neither are qualified teachers employed to coach these said future leaders. In a school i served in Kwara state, Omu Aran to be prĂ©cised (name of school withheld) the school teaching has been over run by corpers so every year the students have to learn under a new teacher all because the state government does not want to employ permanent teachers and the ones available and qualified are moving to greener pastures leaving the students at the mercy of unqualified teachers who use local dialet to teach subjects including english.
The qualified teachers on the other hand dont really care about the wards partly because their children are not attending such schools and maybe cause they are not paid adequately by their employers.
The government prioritizes unnecessary things and turn deaf ears and blind eyes to basic social and environmental needs of the populace. A large chunk of funds in the national budgets are allocated to things that don’t result to the betterment of the society nor the future of the country and the funds allocated for public amenities are diverted by office holders simply because we don’t hold our leadeers responsible for messes they create.

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