Wednesday, 31 August 2016



This is my first post on my blog so i want to make it an inspirational and encouraging post which every and any one can relate to. The world and life itself is a tale of struggle and survival, race to riches, race to success, race to power and control. The poor feeling inferior, the rich feeling superior. Laws and government
constitutions favoring the rich and demeaning the poor as such the gap between the two class can never be bridged making everybody taking any means available to switch to the upper class.
At the end of it all, every person who made it big or becomes successful always has a story to tell, either from rag to riches or the struggles of making it to the top except for those who stumbled on family wealth or a great deal of inheritance, even at that, poor management could actually give you a story to the contrary (riches to rags).
This post is just a reminder that any one can make it with diligence and hard work never giving up on your dreams no matter how big they are because the bigger your dreams the better.
Paul Pogba was sold by Manchester United to Juventus for one (1) million pounds under its most successful coach Sir Alex Fergusson and after four years, the same Manchester United bought the same Paul Pogba for one hundred (100) million pounds. He became the most expensive player in the world within a space of four years. Moving from an extra luggage in a team to the most sort after player on earth because of hard work and determination. He never let his cheap sale from Manchester United determine his worth instead he improved on his game and rose to the top.
More vivid examples and stories of  people going against all odds to rise to the top are amongst us daily but i would leave you with this saying my friend a music artist always said "when preparation meets opportunity, miracles happen".
i am blazebeat and i welcome you all to my blog, always visit for inspirational, funny and diversified post. always drop your comments.
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  2. dj blaze. i saw it comming bro. i never for once stop believing in yo. hustling. i saw the star in you boss. keep calm the big reward cometh soonest. nice impacting post