Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Hustle Hard

Hustle, Street, Grind, whatever boys in our various hoods call it all mean the same thing, earning a living. Making money through whatever means possible or made available by nature or condition. Being a hustler according to street rules means keeping it 100 on the block, no snitching to the cops
until one becomes a role model or a hood billionaire.

Office holders, market women and men, federal agents, drug dealers, the jobless and fraudsters, we all got 24 hours in a day hustling to either make a living or make an impact. A lot of us go about hustling hard to make a living while a few hustle right and make great impacts in life. #its different.
Preparation meeting opportunity makes someone suddenly successful and an envy of peers, a person who is always ready to maximize every opportunity whether small or big would definitely make it big in no time.
Hustle Right
Back to the matter at hand, Hustling right has got to do with we knowing our right call of duty and destiny early and pushing through towards it with every ounce of blood tears and sweat we got available in us. In the case of destiny, Early to rise early to shine. Hustling right gets you to your peak at an early age where you still have the physical strength to make impact in the world.
Hustling hard on the other hand is for late comers in the destiny  games who rose late and end up playing catch all their lives, these group of people can only make a living and not make an impact. Most people waste their lives hustling in the wrong field chasing another mans dreams while theirs lie in state waiting to be buried or resurrected, when they realize these mistake and face their own calling way late into their old ages, they could only work for happiness.
That you are good in something doesn't mean its your destiny to make money from it, morality has proven to be a key role in actualizing dreams.  A whole lot of our friends whose future were bright in sports and other handy work because of the quality they possess ended rather too quick because of bad morals and also chasing wrong destiny. you might be good in sport but way better in another field that you haven't let you self explore and when you finally discover this even though not all persons get the second chance you really need to hustle hard to prove a point in the new found field.
Personally, i would say hustling right is way better and easier than hustling hard as it saves us all the additional stress of trying to catch up on others who started hustling right from the get go.
I am blazebeat and i hope y'all are hustling right and not hard. See you at the top


  1. I pray God make me hustle right bro... Want to die with memories and not dreams