Saturday, 8 October 2016


Ill Mind of a Blogger

What if Adam and eve never ate the apple
What if Abraham killed his son

What if Noah opened the arc for people
What if Hitler was not stopped
What if the whole world was all one religion
What if we were all one tribe
Hoping and praying that we are not misleaded
What if civilization never ruined our lives
What if the church still knew its worth
What if the mosque still stood its ground
What if the clerics never became compromised
What if the good overcame the bad
What if Africa realized its true potential
What if we Africans ruled the world
What if Nigeria became the giants it ones was
What if we stopped the killings and wars
What if looting became a thing forgotten
What if Dasuki never stole public funds
What if Goodluck Jonathan never conceded defeat
What if Donald trump won the election
What if Biafra became a nation
What if the chibok girls were never kidnapped
What if education was not important
What if our teachers were nothing but frauds
What if school was free
What if the rich was poor and the poor were rich
What if Judas never sold Jesus
What if Jesus never died for Christians
What if Mohammed never told Muslims what to do
The Bible and Quran would have been but textbooks
And our whole lives One Big Fat Lie

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