Friday, 11 November 2016


EPISODE 6 (Final)
The situation was beginning to grow bigger than John had expected and it was affecting his family negatively so he was invited over by Andy’s parent to both talk about the issue which he agreed to
and came with his wife and Sheila. As they were talking in the sitting room, Andy and Sheila were both outside chatting but listening to the conversation and were both not happy since her father was the only person talking and seems to be dragging the case to his favor before Andy walked in and turned the whole meeting up pointing fingers at John telling him to never in his life involve him in his stupid statements or else repercussions would follow claiming that he was ready to go any length to protect his good name which John was trying to dent. John tried to leave but Andy told him that he was going nowhere until the situation was resolved and he apologized but was told to step down by his father. John left claiming that he would call on his umunna (kinsmen) since the whole family was trying to beat him up before Andy told him to stop claiming to be a pastor and change or else he would end up in where he was always preaching against 'HELL'. As they left the house he only called his daughter but his wife followed him and refused to sit in front stating that he should go get his dead wife to sit with him at the car since he kept throwing it at her face (my dead wife). Sheila initially used Andy’s phone which was a gift from her mother to him then she forgot it in the car which John took stating that it was his and he never gave it to Andy so he removed the sim and gave it to Chidi to give it to Andy also saying he never wants to see Andy in his house or shop again. Andy only laughed and told him to grow up since his age meant nothing to his brain and mind. At home, Sheila began talking to her father and then switched to preaching reminding him of what he usually told them that when you hurt someone and you are confronted by the person do your possible best to apologize. She then told her mother that her father needed therapy which they both laughed at.
Grace then refused to go to the shop the next day telling him to go get his dead wife to stay in the shop since the dead wife was more important and loved than her and she was staying at home he then told her to give him her phone which she refused he then tried to get it by force then she slammed it on the floor cracking it open. He then said his father’s birthday was at hand and the whole family was going without choice of staying out of the trip but she gave him the same reply “go and get your dead lovely wife and attend the birthday or Sheila could represent her mother” which began to make him reflect on the picture he might portrait if he went there without her.
After a day, John and his wife returned in a more relaxed mind to his in-laws house seeming ready to resolve all the stupid things he had set in motion but instead he began blaming his daughter Sheila of conspiracy saying she wanted to destroy his family by misunderstanding him and attaching wrong meaning to what he told her and presenting him an evil person and he insisted that Sheila would go on her knees and beg him for forgiveness whether now or in years to come since she thinks she was grown. His in laws told him to retract the statement against his own flesh and blood who acted as a smart kid not concealing a huge thing as that which would have been his wish but he refused as was always his problem wanting to be the centre of attention, feel important and always proud.
Andy’s father who was always preaching peace told Grace to say her own part and her grievances which she did and he beg her to forgive since families don’t fight to go separate ways but fight to reconcile. He begged her to follow her husband to the village for the birthday and present a wonderful peaceful family while also telling John that he should be careful what he does to his fragile young home before he distorts the peace of mind he was enjoying but never valued. 
They both left and the rift ended temporarily.

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