Thursday, 3 November 2016


Episode 5
The next day (Thursday) Andy had errands to run close to his sisters shop so he stopped by to say hi and as usual gist a bit with her, she then told him to come in and hear the latest development zo ka ji wani magana mai ba da dariya
she said in Hausa. He was intrigued thinking it was work related since there last conversation the day before was that she would talk to some of her customers if they could fix Andy in one of their offices so he can be earning something to add to his DJ works but he was shocked at what he heard.
She told him how her husband out of suspicious thinking told his 14 year old daughter in the morning as they all left the house for the town that she should be aware and careful of him (Andy) that he was a stranger to her and could actually do immoral things to her being that she was his daughter from his first marriage (her mother was dead) so they were not related to Andy in any way and so such evil things could be lurking in his heart somewhere towards her. That he even told Sheila that Grace whom the whole world knew as her mother including the children was also a stranger to her and he showed her the pictures of her dead mother telling her that her real family was he and her mother’s relatives stating the events that lead to her mother’s death and the shot from the armed robbers gun. So she should know her family members and differentiate them from strangers and be careful.
He got mad but didn’t say a thing to john as he was expecting him to be confronted since they were both grown up men but John never said anything related to that to him  throughout the day even when he joined him in the car to be dropped on the way. While he was at home that night his niece Sheila called him crying and telling him what her father had been telling her concerning him but he calmed her telling her to brush those stupid statements off as it were all coming from a bad angle of her father’s mind assuring her that they were still cool.
Shit got really bad as John kept blabbing and saying stupid things he initially had in mind and would later regret because he had no censor in his speeches, as they were thought in his mind so he spits them out without thinking them through.
It was later concluded from most of his statements and actions that he was jealous of the fact that the children were all in love with their mother and scared of him except for the little ones blessing and Loveth who were still very small and had no problems. His presence scared off the grown ones so he thought attacking the cordial relationship between children (his other marriage gave him two children Sheila and Jake who were 3years and 3months respectively when their mother got shot) and stepmother whom accepted the children as hers and there was no difference in treatment of all to have attracted unnecessary attention, was a good place to start a reconciliation package with the kids by making them scared of their mother. One of his funny and yet stupid complains was that she kept on buying them stuffs and not letting them know it was their fathers money so they would also recognize him instead when they were asked who got them stuffs they usually said it was their mother and not him and it annoyed him. I thought the idea of marriage was that we are one and whatever I do we did, Grace asked which was the logic truth of marriage but he always had some stupid opinion to counter whatever he hears.
John kept on attacking Sheila’s mind with a lot of useless information’s, worrying her fragile emotional heart until she developed tough skin towards his constant comments. She once told her uncle Andy that she now just stands in front of him looking at his face but hearing nothing at all but just watching as his mouth moved open and close since his information she could not yet understand what to do with them. He once referred Grace to an event back when he, a friend and her uncle visited Sheila in school on their speech and price giving day. He actually insisted that Andy accompany him to the occasion which Andy reluctantly agreed because he was supposed to travel to Bauchi that same day for a job. He claimed that Andy hugged Sheila in a way he was not comfortable with at all to the amazement of the little girl who then asked him “daddy so you have had this thing worrying you in your heart all these while?”

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